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Jan Anthony

3 reviews
Let me preface this by saying that food here is AWESOME! The family loved the wings, BBQ ribs, and well-seasoned fries.

This was my first time preordering with Grubhub so I didn't know what to expect. I set the time so the food would arrive @7pm (since the family won't be home till 6:40pm). The app notified me that it would be delivered within 6:50pm-7pm timeframe ("PERFECT!!!" I thought). The next thing I knew, I had 2 missed calls (last call timed @6:24pm). It was the food delivery! It came around 30 minutes early. No one was home so our food had to be redelivered, thankfully still warm but a bit moist since it had to sit its containers for a bit longer.

In this situation, I would've preferred to have the food arrive a bit late rather than too early. Even if I get the food late, at least it would still be at its best quality.

Let me reiterate, food here tastes great!
We definitely want to eat the food here again and try other things. I just had to give my critique on how delivery works (maybe it's a Grubhub issue; I don't really know how Grubhub communicates with the restaurants).


Top Reviewer
The ribs are gigantic and very flavorful even with the BBQ sauce on the side. The make your own bowl gives Chipotle and Qdoba a run for the money. The only down side was that the fries were soggy by the time we got them because of the heat/moisture in the transport pan. But that didn't stop us from eating them.


Top Reviewer
My order arrived BEFORE the expected time. The delivery gal was sweet as can be. The ribs are huge!!! Chicken and ribs were delicious. So much flavor I didn't even use the BBQ sauce! :) YUM. Send more napkins!!


Top Reviewer
I really hope this place stays consistent. Food was hot, chicken was tender & my order was delivered WAY sooner than the ETA. Will definitely reorder from here & hope the quality & service remain the same.


Top Reviewer
The food is amazing, the bbq ribs are easily the best part of the meal and the portion of food is easily enough to feed 3+ people which makes the hungry combo a great deal for some amazing food

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3 reviews
When I first try a place I try to get a variety of items to fairly judge. I got sausages, soup, wings, bbq chicken, ribs, corn & chocolate mousse. All of it Very Good! Soup was a tasty broth, soft greens, firm potato, chunks of sausage. The wings, crispy fry with tender meat, seasoned well. The bbq chicken has a nice char, moist and flavorful with or without bbq sauce. Ribs were huge and lightly seasoned but tasted fresh off the grill with even fat & lean. Glad the sauce came on the side so u have a choice. Corn was great, with a sprinkle of season and cheese, perfectly cooked. Sausage was close to over-cooked, but very lean, and great dipped into the bbq sauce. The mousse looks great but I havent tasted it yet, too full; the smell is lovely, Im sure its a great grand finale. It all took an hour for delivery but worth the wait. When I have lazy guests Id order again. But taking a trip there for this should also be great based on the quality of the food.


1 review
I got the family combo, sausages, and small order of wings. The ribs are huge and delicious, and the rice actually had its own flavor. I subbed the fries for black beans and those were good too. The chicken wasnt dry but was on the small side. Overall it tasted good, same as similar places I go to in Newark. Delivery came 20 minutes early and the food was piping hot! Probably will come again because its obviously closer than Newark


2 reviews
Always awesome food. I always get the wings and ribs! In my experience, they have friendly delivery people too. Last time I ordered, I had an item left at the restaurant during a delivery. They quickly delivered the missing item and Cat went out of her way to apologize and make it a good experience. Cant get service like this anywhere else in the area! I would highly recommend this place!


3 reviews
Previously I wrote a review saying the quality dramatically decreased, I gave them another shot and the quality is 10 again. Delivery was a bit late, but worth the wait...But back to good graces.

Managment - Quality is most important thing, dont let that slip. Especially when you have the ability to turn out great product!


2 reviews
Never disappoints. Food is good and always on time or early delivery. I've ordered from here a few times and I've yet to be disappointed. I definitely recommend this place. The combo platter is delicious.

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